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  • RTU & ASCII protocols.

  • Data is automatically sent securely to our cloud server, no need for any dialup.
  • RS485 & RS232 communication.
  • Sample up to 2 analysers / sensors, each with above combination.
  • Connects to our Data Management System on the cloud via Wifi, GPRS,3G, or 4G.
  • Total of 20 channels may be sampled.
  • Set up alarm levels for each channel.
  • Send a command to a sensor at every store rate, or at a selected hour during the day.
  • Set an alarm for each channel on status value.
  • Change sample, store, and transmit rate to the cloud during alarm state.
  • Reset cumulative channel counter.
  • 2 Factorisation calculations on each channel.
  • Ability to run on solar and battery with option of having modem off a period, for example during the night. And have data that was stored during this period sent when back on.
  • Display data on the cloud using the various applications; 

          *  Mobile application on iOS and android

          *  Windows and Apple Mac desktop applications.

          *  Reports application for displaying advanced reports from a single gateway to a complete network.

          *  Web portal for display on browsers.

          *  HTTPS API so data can be inserted into your own package.

DMS Modbus Mini Data Gateway

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