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Our range of mini automatic weather stations, DMS Met300-308, can simultaneously monitor multiple optional meteorological parameters. 


DMS Met304 Model can monitor;

  • wind speed,
  • wind direction,
  • temperature,
  • humidity,
  • pressure,
  • precipitation,
  • solar radiation,
  • UV radiation,
  • luminance.


Measurement of precipitation adopts advanced small 24GHz Doppler radar,and the speed rate of drops is registered with a 24 GHz radar system. By comparison between the speed rate and the size of drops, the quantity of rain or its intensity will be registered. The rain/precipitation type (rain/snow/snow-covered rain/freezing rain/hail) is determined thanks to the speed rate of the rain. 

Thanks to the adoption of new technology and design, the structure is more compact and robust. No need to conduct maintenance or calibration after installation.




  • Weather station for household

  • Meteorological observation for farmland

  • Wind speed & direction monitoring for tower crane

  • Smart city distributed weather station

  • 2 years Warranty


DMS Met304 Compact Ultrasonic weather stations

Excluding VAT
  • Click Here for more technical specifications.

  • 3-4 Weeks

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