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Air Monitoring

For the past 15+ years, Data Monitoring Systems Ltd have been connecting to hundreds of air analysers throughout the world. Automatically collecting real-time data, and carrying out automatic calibrations saving the need for site visits. Connect directly to any analyser remotely without any dialup to communicate directly, or remotely carry out calibration.  Our AQWeb system is a complete range of easy to use plug and play applications , displaying real-time data right through to generating large reports . Data collected onto our server may also be used in 3rd party reports programs by importing the data.

We support a large range of manufacturer protocols built into our system.

Our inhouse design of particle inlet heater dries particles before going into our particle monitor

Data Monitoring (AQWeb)

AQWeb is part of our M2M Monitoring System . Connect up to 20 of your current analysers to a single Data Gateway , allowing up to 255 channels to be monitored with different sample/store rates. The Data Gateway  communicates with each analyser using the manufacturers own protocol. Alarms may be setup in DMS Site Manager, allowing relays to be switched over, and/or emails being sent, along with a change of sample/store rate during the alarm period.


No dial up or data request required, data is automatically pushed to our cloud servers via Ethernet\WiFi\GPRS\3G and 4G. Data on our cloud servers may be collected using FTP, email, or web interface with CSV, XML etc formats, and/or automatically copied to your desktop where the data may be used with our advanced DMS Reports application.

Data on our cloud servers can be directly copied into your own or third party web/windows reports database.

If your analyser isnt on our list, we will add its protocol to our system.

Meteorology and soil analysers, and other types of analysers may also be added to the same Data Gateway.

DMS Site Manager

Using our DMS Site Manager application, data for up to 20 Data Gateway's can be automatically pushed to your desktop in real time. 


Remotely monitor any of the connected analysers in real-time or modify a Data Gateway's setup without any dial up connections.


Manual calibrations may be carried out showing data on a chart real-time, see below.


Automatic calibrations can be carried out on any analyser connected to a Data Gateway.


Remote calibration may be carried out on a single or multiple analyser(s) in real-time, as shown in picture, using our DMS Site Manager.

The ability to use a seperate calibrator and our relays is also possible.

DMS Reports

Our DMS Reports application allows you to create sophisticated reports using the data on our cloud servers. Data is automatically downloaded from the servers to your local databases.

Importing a stations data from a third party data logger into the DMS Reports database is also available.

Create your own custom reports from one or more stations.


Display months of data in seconds.


Web Display

Have your data displayed real time on your web site, or host it on our server. See data automatically be updated on the page without any web refreshing.

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