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Real Time Hydrogen Monitor & Early Detection Warning System

  • Our Hydrogen Monitor is ATEX approved & is coupled with our new Early Detection Warning System (EDWS). All history data is stored on our IOT server , along with temperature and humidity , which all can be viewed on our various applications.

  • Data can be imported to your own applications.

  • Detection occurs every second, with customisable data store rate.

  • Once Hydrogen is detected, an email and/or SMS text is sent .

  • Optional light indicators, horn, and valve switch off are available when in alarm.

  • Other monitored sources, such as current, pressure, and other gases, may be used for detection with our EDWS.

To have a complete data solution, link our Hydrogen Monitor with our applicalions below;

  • Up to 20 Hydrogen Systems/ Data Gateways may be viewed simultaneously.

  • Modify Setup Remotely

  • Carry out advanced reports, ranging from a single Hydrogen/Data Gateway to a complete network.

DMS Reports.png
DMS Reports Chart.png
  • Access your Hydrogen Monitor Systems Data on our web portal.

Wicklow Web.png
  • View all your Hydrogen Monitor Systems on our DMS Portal application.

  • Operates on :

    • ios and android mobile devices.

    • Mac OS, Windows desktop

mobile app.png
apple store.png
google play.png
  • A simply way to collect the data through our server using HTTPS calls, allowing all data to be imported into your own applications.

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