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M2M Remote Monitoring Control Specialists

In the past 17+ years, our hardware have been operating in over 27 countries, spanning 5 continents within the Air Quality,Metreology,Soil,Water and other sectors.Our Gateways , AQ Combo 200 etc are connected to our dedicated data servers by Ethernet/WiFi/GPRS/3G and 4G.  Whether its a single site, or a large network , our rebust system is the perfect solution.

Monitor real-time using our windows application, DMS Site Manager. As soon as the data is sent to our data servers from the data gateway, it will be displayed instantly on Site Manager, regardless where you are. Communicate with your analyser live , with the abiltiy to re-adjust any setting , all real-time, which will cut down on site visits, thus saving money. Carry out remote calibration on any analyser real-time and see the chart during the calibration period.

Our Data Gateways communicate with many type of analysers and sensors. If your analyser/sensor isnt on the list we will add the protocol .

Download the data from our servers in CSV and API through HTTPS calls. Import the data in to your own reports application by directly interfacing to our IIS applications.

Data on our cloud servers can be directly copied into your own or third party web/windows reports database.


AQ Web Suite

Our set of Windows  applications along with our main server application forms our AQ Web Monitoring System.

DMS Site Manager permanently connects to our server applications. When the data gateways sends its data to the server, it is also automatically sent to the application real-time.

You can view 20 data gateways at one time.

From the application you can directly communicate with your analysers/sensors.

If your analyser isnt on our list, we will add its protocol to our system.

Meteorology, soil analysers, and other types of analysers may also be added to the same Data Gateway.

Click here for the current list of analysers that may be sampled using our Data Gateway.


Automatic calibrations can be carried out on any analyser connected to a Data Gateway, through the analysers own protocol, or through calibrator or relays.


Remote calibration may be carried out on a single or multiple analyser(s) in real-time, as shown in picture, using our DMS Site Manager.

This shows a remote calibration, where you can change the purge in, active period, and purge out times.

Through DMS Site Manager, easily embed charts and guages onto your own web page, or have a stand alone web site.

Our DMS Reports application allows you to create sophisticated reports using the data collected in our servers. Data is automatically downloaded from the servers to your local databases.

Import your own stations data that are not designed by us into the database too.

Display months of data in seconds.

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