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AQ Combo 200 - Particle Monitor


Ultrafine aerosol in the atmosphere.

Heated wood stoves.

Vehicle exhaust (including diesel and GDI particles).

Urban pollution.

Particulates (pm1,pm 2.5 and pm10).



AQ Combo 200 allows measurement of nano particles, particulate matter, meteorology along with temperature and humidity. With AQ Web added in, this gives a complete real-time (no dial up) monitor and control system from the moment the unit is activated.

Have data displayed real-time on a web page as charts, gauges, tabular, and/or display the data using our DMS Site Manager application. Ability to customise the charts and gauges to suit your needs. Ability to customise the chart size for the mobile web page.

No initial setup required, simply locate the unit and activate. Remotely modify setup, alarms and upload new firmware, saving the need for on site visits.

Customise your AQ Combo 200 to your own specification by selecting which modules you wish to include in the system, reducing overall costs.

Connect AQ Combo 200 directly to your own data systems instead of using our AQ Web module. This allows polling or streaming of the data in ascii format by either RS232, or RS485. The free application, DMS AQ Combo 200  is available allowing the display of the data , along exporting to CSV file.

aqcombo 200 .jpg

  • Nano Particles  

    • Ultrafine aerosol in the atmosphere.

    • Heated wood stoves.

    • Vehicle exhaust (including diesel and GDI particles).

    • Urban pollution.

    • Readings close to a PMP CPC with a 23nm cutoff.

    • Concentration range : 0  -  2-10^6 particles/cm3 (@70nm diameter).

    • Particle size range : 20 - 200 nm.

  • PM1,PM2.5,PM10

    • Particulate matter .

    • Inlet heater for PM1,2.5,PM10

      • Automatically controlled to remove damp from particles, preventing incorrect readings.

      • Enter required humidity level to switch on heater, along with required temperature to keep the temperature constant to dry out the particles.

  • Meteorology

    • Gill Maximet range , with model range from GMX100 to GMX600GPS.

    • Gill WindSonic.

  • Temperature and Humidity.

  • Automatic real-time data transmission.

  • AQ Web IOT.

    • Our reliable AQ Web System which has been running world-wide for over 13 years.

    • WiFi,GPRS,3G and 4G are available.

    • Monitor and control real-time using our DMS Site Manager application.

    • Permanently connected to our server allowing to monitor and control using our DMS Site Manager application.

    • FTP access of data collected, allowing to add directly to your own application.

    • API access of live data.

    • Have the data automatically copied onto your computer, and create a range of reports using our DMS Reports application.

    • Design your own charts (using live data) to add directly onto your own web site, using DMS Site Manager.

aqcombo 200s.jpg

Variable enclosure sizes are used depending on selected modules. Here, the PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and Temperature/Humidity modules are used to connect to a data logger already in use by a customer.

If already using our Data Gateways, then upgrading your system for monitoring nano particles, particulate matter and temperature/humidity is possible by connecting the serial output directly to the Data Gateway.

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