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DMS Virtual Data Gateway

Our software application , 'DMS Virtual Gateway', which runs on your Palas 'AQ Guard', gives you a complete data solution. A local database is created on the 'AQ Guard' where the data is collected, and automatically sent to our server. If connection with the ISP is down, data still continues to be collected in the local database. When communication is re-established with the ISP,  collected data will then automatically be sent to our AQ Web server, thus no data is lost.

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A Complete Data Solution



DMS Virtual Data Gateway

After the data from AQ Guard  is automatically transferred to our server on the cloud, the data can be imported into many applications by using our API interface.  Our AQ Web Applications may also be used ;

  • Up to 20 AQ Guards / Data Gateways may be viewed simultaneously.

  • Modify AQ Guard Setup.

  • Carry out diagnostics directly.

  • No need to connect to AQ Guard with Remote Desktop, thus saving sim costs.

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  • Carry out advanced reports, ranging from a single AQ Guard/Data Gateway to a complete network.

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  • Access your AQ Guard Data on our web portal.

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  • View all your AQ Guards on our DMS Portal application. Operates on Windows/Mac OS, IOS & Android mobile devices, Web Portal and our API .

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  • A simply way to collect the data through our server using HTTPS calls, allowing all data to be imported into your own applications.


Distributor Comments:

Chris Searles at EMS Environmental Monitoring Systems Ltd in Ireland:

"Having the 'DMS Virtual Data Gateway' software running on our Palas 'AQ Guard' allowed us to automatically collect data, reduce SIM costs, and give us ability to use Data Monitoring Systems complete AQ Web system. We will be installing a 'DMS Virtual Gateway' on every 'AQ Guard'  that goes out. We highly recommend the software'

Mikael Ramström at Acoem AB In Sweden:

" 'DMS Virtual Data Gateway' software running on our Palas 'AQ Guard' gives us the perfect total solution.  We can compare the data in our 'DMS Reports Application' against other 'DMS Data Gateways'  we have out in the field. Great how this is integrated seamlessly into the 'DMS Mobile ' application, and 'DMS Web Portal'. The API system is perfect for importing into other systems. We will be adding this software into all of our 'AQ Guards'".

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