Keep up to date anywhere using our mobile app, which includes the following features:

  • Display last date/time, and status of each of your stations.

  • Display all data from each of your stations.

  • Display calibration data from your analyser.

Future Updates

  • Communicate with an analyser without dial-up.

  • Communicate with the data gateway without dial-up.

  • Start a calibration sequence without dial-up.

  • And more features...

mobile app.png

All active users will receive a link directly from us . Contact us for information.

The following are screenshots and description on how to use the application.

DMS mobile login.jpg

Step 1:

   Enter your login details..

DMS mobile cards.jpg

Step 2:

   After login, your stations are displayed.

The current  status is displayed along with the latest date and time saved.

Double click on the required station.

DMS mobile single.jpg

Step 3:

  The current data gateway with serial and firmware number is displayed.

All analysers  for this stations are displayed, along with their channels.

Calibrated channels are displayed in yellow.

To display its data, click on 'Data'  on the bottom.

To Display its calibration data, click on 'Calibrations' on the bottom.


Step 4: Display Latest Data

  Clicking on the Latest button will bring up the last recorded readings.

DMS mobile data.jpg

Step 5: Display Data.

  Clicking on the icon at the top left will bring up the search sidebar. Select up to latest 3 days (anything further may be seen on our web portal, DMS Site Manager, and DMS reports application).

Double clicking on a the header (for the required channel)  will display that channel on the chart. Each channel may then be unselected by selecting the label under the chart, or again double clicking the header.

Zoom in and out of the chart by pinching the screen.

dms mobile cal.jpg

Step 6: Display Calibration Data.

  Clicking on the icon at the top left will bring up the search sidebar. Select up to 1 year of calibration data.

Select gas to display, and whether its zero/span. Then press display.

The graph is used as the same on step 4 above.