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DMS Portal

Keep up to date anywhere using our 'DMS Portal' app, which includes the following features:

  • Generate reports :

    • Create multiple reports on one screen.

    • Ability to display average data.

    • Save multiple reports , where they can be recalled easily.

    • Select a report to load when application first ran.

  • Display last date/time, and status of each of your stations.

  • Display all data from each of your stations.

  • No need to open any tcp/ip ports. Ideal for behind firewall.

mobile app.png

A Report generated displaying 15/30 and 60 minute average data.


Download android Google play store

google play.png

Download iOS and Mac Desktop app  from the app store

apple store.png

Download Windows Desktop app from our server.
Unzip and run setup.



Download manual for all above platforms from  our server.

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