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DMS Met500-508 Series professional ultrasonic weather station

Our range of weather stations , DMS Met500-508, are integrated with multiple high accuracy sensors.  The DMS Met500-508 wind sensor is of a robust, high strength construction designed to withstand installation and use with no fear of the damage commonly experienced with more fragile cups/vane weather station. Ideal for applications that demand economic weather sensing. Without the need for expensive on-site calibration or maintenance and with a corrosion free exterior, the DMS Met500-508 are maintenance free, quick and easy to install.

The DMS Met500-508 Compact weather stations are self-developed professional meteorological sensors for simultaneous measurement of multi-parameters: atmospheric temperature, atmospheric humidity, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure and precipitation. Air temperature, humidity, and pressure measurements are measured by standard industrial MEMS sensor positioned in radiation protection shield. It is characterized by high accuracy and fast response time. 

Measurement of wind speed and direction is working based on principle of ultrasonic travel time difference. Precipitation is detected by 24G radar, which can rapidly detect precipitation and its intensity. GPS global positioning module and electronic compass are optional to be installed . With these two module, you can obtain longitude and velocity accurately, thereby, true and apparent wind speed & direction can be calculated out.


Bracket available for DMS500-508

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Connect with our Data Gateway gives you realtime data directly to your desktop.

Models available



  • Robust design, easy to install, 24 hours continuous monitoring

  • Without moving parts, whole system is free of maintenance.

  • MODBUS communication protocol, standard RS485/RS232 output.

  • Electronic compass, GPS or BeiDou global positioning module can be added. With internal heating device ensures normal operation in cold weather

  • Radar precipitation can accurately measure amount of precipitation and reflect beginning and ending of raining.

  • 2 years Warranty

Technical parameters

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