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DMS Met150
Ultrasonic Anemometer

The DMS Met150 ultrasonic 2D Anemometer is a compact ultrasonic wind speed and wind direction sensor. It is designed to simultaneously measure the 2-dimensional horizontal components of the wind speed and direction. By using the ABS shell, weight is lighter and structure is robust. With its built-in own intelligent heating module, it can operate in all weather conditions.


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Connecting with our Data Gateway gives you realtime data directly to your desktop.


Bracket available for DMS150.

mounting mast.png


  • No moving or wearing parts

  • Maintenance free 

  • Rugged and reliable 

  • High precision and accuracy

  • Optional compass module

  • Optional GPS module

  • 2 years Warranty


Typical Applications

  • Traffic control

  • Meteorology

  • Oil drilling platform

  • Marine application

  • Industrial automation

  • Wind power plant

  • Weather station

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