Our Expertise lies in Collection and Presentation of Data from Analysers & Sensors

In the past 15+ years, our AQ Web Data Collection system have been operating in over 27 countries, spanning 5 continents.

Coming Soon- Real Time Hydrogen Monitor & Early Detection Warning System

  • Our Hydrogen Monitor is ATEX approved & is coupled with our new Early Detection Warning System (EDWS). All history data is stored on our IOT server , along with temperature and humidity , which can be viewed on our various applications.

  • Data can be imported to your own applications.

  • Detection occurs every second, with customisable data store rate.

  • Once Hydrogen is detected, an email and/or SMS text is sent .

  • Optional light indicators, horn, and valve switch off are available when in alarm.

  • Other monitored sources, such as current, pressure, and other gases, may be used for detection with our EDWS.

We are currently seeking for distributors world wide. Please contact us for more information.

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DMS Virtual Data Gateway

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Hydrogen realtime monitoring and early warning system


Here is the list of analysers our Data Gateway Can interface to..

Air Monitoring


IOT M2M Monitoring

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CO2 Sampler

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