Our expertise lies in Data Collection and Presentation from analysers and sensors.

In the past 17+ years, our Data Collection system have been operating in over 27 countries, spanning 5 continents.

In the past 15+ years, our AQ Web Data Collection system have been operating in over 27 countries, spanning 5 continents.


Cloud Based Indoor Air Monitoring System

Various Models Available.

Combining of following sensors: TVOC/IAQ, CO2, PM0.1, PM0.3, PM0.5,PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM5, PM10, NO2,NO, NOX, Temperature and Humidity.

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We are currently seeking for distributors world wide. Please contact us for more information.

Display your data with our mobile phone app.

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DMS mobile

Display your data and calibration data fromour app.

Indoor Air Monitoring

Indoor Air Monitoring

 Poor indoor air quality may cause headaches, tiredness, coughing, sneezing, sinus congestion, shortness of breath, dizziness and nausea. 

Using our range of indoor air monitors in the office,classroom and home will maintain perfect air flow.

Here is the list of analysers our Data Gateway Can interface to..

Air Monitoring

Air Monitoring

Have all your Air analysers at one site monitored real-time, with the data automatically stored on our server.

Have calibrations automatically carried out, or manually either on site or remotely.

Data Gateway

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Data Gateway
Our Data Gateway (Web Logger) is an advanced connection between your analysers and our Data Servers.
Over 100 analysers/sensors are programmed into the Data Gateway, using the analysers own protocols. Up to 20 analysers may be connected at one time.
Data Gateway may be setup to allow for automatic calibration, or manual remote calibration (no dial up) within DMS Site Manager.



We supply a range of Meteorogy equipment along with real-time information.

We also supply a range of our own equipment.

CO2 Sampler

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CO2 Sampler

Our CO2 Sampler can be connected to our data gateway or any serial device e.g. data logger.

The CO2 is sampled every 2 seconds. When a user requests a data sample, the average, minimum and maximum values are returned since the last request.

Select RS485 or RS232 communication method and use our very simple protocol.

DMS Reports
Data from our Data Gateways is used to create advanced reports. Create a report from a single station to a complete network with various averaging periods.
Create the following reports: Calander, Line Chart, Tabular, Wind Rose, Pollution Rose, Exceedance, Histogram, Linear Regression, Subtraction.
Create your own custom reports.
DMS Reports

Web Portal

Web Portal
Display your data on our web portal. Select from mulitple types of charts and save as templates

M2M Monitoring

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m2m monitoring
A combination of our Data Gateways, AQCombo 200, and our client/server software suit has made up a robust, complete IOT M2M Monitoring System.
Easily embed live data directly  onto your web site with one link.
Use the data from our server directly into your own graphic package.
more information..
Bespoke Design
We have over 30 years experience in electronic and software design.
Contact us for any design that you require. If you have a sensor or analyser that you wish to add to our M2M Monitoring system, just get in contact.
We will design for any sector.

Live Web Dashboard

Live Web Dashboard
Embed a live web dashboard onto your web page with data directly from our servers .
Have the dashboard automatically update with real-time data without any page refresh.
Display charts, guages, tabular reports onto your web site on your desktop/notebook or mobile. Also, display a web page directly from a web address.
Within our DMS Site Manager application simply customise your charts the way you wish and copy & paste the link to your web site.